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Troubleshooting your sprinkler system

We have put together some troubleshooting aids to help you get your sprinkler system working correctly.
If the possible solutions provided do not help you, you can contact us to place a service call.



Error Possible solutions
All valves will not turn on automatically 1. Verify program: station time, watering start times, watering days schedule, current time, current day, water budget and rain delay.
2. Check valve common wire for proper connection.
3. Check fuse or breaker if your timer has one.
4. Ensure rain sensor (if installed) is properly connected and functioning properly. If rain sensor is not installed, ensure the SENSOR SWITCH is in BYPASS position.
Cannot program 1. Disconnect power to controller for 1 minute. Reconnect power and reprogram.
2. Install fresh 9-volt alkaline battery.
3. Verify that all start times are not in use by other programs.
Controller skips a cycle 1. Verify watering start times, current time and watering days schedule.
No display

1. Check power source for tripped circuit breaker.
2. If program module has been removed, this is a normal battery-saving feature. Turn dial to any position to reactivate display.
3. Disconnect power to controller for 1 min. Reconnect power and reprogram.
4. Replace battery
5. Check fuse, replace if necessary.

Valve stays on

1. Check station times and water budget.
2. Check for Manual mode; place dial in Run position.
3. Disconnect valve wire. If still on, valve malfunction is indicated.
4. Check for manual bleed closure at valve.

Valve will not turn on 1. Ensure dial is not in Rain/Off position or Rain Delay mode active.
2. Verify program: station time, watering start times, watering days schedule, current time, current day and water budget.
3. Make sure common wire and valve wire are correctly connected.
4. If using a rain sensor, check sensor.
6. Check for blown fuse. Replace if necessary.
Waters too often 1. Too many program start times set. Check each program to determine the number of start times assigned and remove as necessary.

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Spray Heads

Problem Possible solutions
Misting This is a result of excessive water pressure. Reducing the pressure may
be done in one of two ways.
1. Using the flow control on the remote control valve, or
2. Installing a pressure regulator before or on the valve
Inaccurate pattern This is usually caused by some type of blockage, either in
the nozzle itself or in the screen. Only water, air, or a soft bristled object should
be used to clean the nozzle and water to clean the screen.
Leaking around the stem (also known as “blow by”) - This is usually caused by
debris between the wiper seal and stem. A quick way to solve this problem is to
step down lightly on the stem while the sprinkler is in operation. This causes water
to flush quickly between the stem and cap, taking the debris with it. If this doesn’t
work, the cap is probably damaged and needs to be replaced.

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Impact Sprinklers

Problem Possible solutions
The sprinkler is stuck or won’t return

1. The water pressure may be too low.
2. Debri around the head such as grass or dirt may be effecting the operation of the head.
3. A small stone or other object may be lodged in the kicker.

The sprinkler is leaking

1. This is normally caused by worn washers and seals. The head should be replaced at this time.
2. If water is leaking out of the head when the system is turned off, this most likely indicates a valve not closing completely.

The sprinkler is not throwing as far as it should 1. This is usually caused by some type of blockage, either in the nozzle or the inlet screen. Cleaning the nozzle should be done with air, water or a soft bristled object (such as a pipe cleaner).
2. Check adjustment screw that is in front of the water stream.

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