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Your sprinkler system is only as good as its valves. That's why Toro® valves are designed for rugged reliability even under the most demanding conditions. From light residential use to heavy-duty industrial needs, we make the right valve for every application.

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EZ-Flo® Plus Series

Series Overview

Multiple inlet and outlet configurations as well as a jar-top design give this valve the flexibility and serviceability that can meet residential applications anywhere in the world.


  • Jar-top design with heavy-duty cap ring requires no screws and provides fast and easy servicing
  • Broad selection of inlet and outlet configurations and choice of sizes including anti-siphon meet the installation requirements of different geographic regions and piping systems
  • DC Latching Solenoid compatible
  • Manual internal and external bleed provides versatility when a user doesn’t want to walk back to the controller to turn on a station
  • Full stainless steel metering system
  • Three-year warranty


Toro EZ-FLO® Plus Series Valves

EZ-FLO® Plus Series User Guide