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Small Turf Controllers

Flexible. Simple to program, operate and maintain. Toro® small turf and landscape water management systems deliver advanced technology that adapts to your changing needs and allows you to manage a wide variety of landscape and small turf applications. Toro®. Leadership and innovation that gives you control and helps you grow.

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TMC-212 Series

Series Overview

The TMC-212 has an array of features with advanced, modular construction. Options such as indoor and outdoor models and a station count of two to twelve make it a fit for a variety of residential applications. It is simple to program and install, and its solid-state technology will stand the test of time.


  • Three fully independent programs with four start times per program
  • Station count modularity from 2 to 12 stations in two-station modules
  • Hot-swappable station modules
  • Non-volatile memory requires no batteries
  • Module options available for standard- or high-surge protection
  • Three-year warranty on standard model, five-year warranty on high-surge model


Toro TMC-212 Series Controller

TMC-212 Series User Guide
TMC-212 Series Product Information

TMC-424 Series

Series Overview

A full-featured, modular controller expandable from 4 to 24 stations using 4- or 8-station modules. Its flexible, modular design and advanced features makes it an ideal choice for residential, commercial and sports field applications.


  • Four independent programs and 16 total start times, allotted to programs in any combination
  • Modular station counts from 4 to 24 stations in either 4- or 8-station modules
  • Hot-swappable stationmodules indicate module location and station count in real time
  • Optional flow monitoring will monitor up to three flow sensors simultaneously
  • Standard- or high-surge options
  • Non-volatile memory requires no batteries and holds programming information for up to five years
  • Five-year warranty
Toro TMC-424 Series Controller

TMC-424 User Guide
TMC-424 Specifications