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The whole idea behind installing an automatic sprinkler system is to have a beautiful lawn with no fuss. Each reliable, simple-to-operate Rain Bird irrigation controller makes this idea possible. Whether you’re at home or not, you’ll never have to worry about turning on the sprinklers, because Rain Bird irrigation controllers are highly dependable.

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Rain Bird® ESP Modular Controllers

Designed with your growing landscape needs in mind, the ESP Modular irrigation controller is flexible, simple to use and Rain Bird reliable.

Features and Benefits:

  • Modular stations allow you to flexibly add more irrigation zones as your landscape grows. Easily upgrade with 3-station modules up to 13 stations.
  • Upgraded 5 year lithium battery and non-volatile memory keeps time, date and program schedule during power outages.
Rain Bird ESP Modular
ESP Modular Series User Guide

Rain Bird® ESP-TM Controllers

With a Rain Bird® ESP-TM Series irrigation controller at the heart of your irrigation system, you’ll enjoy years of worry-free operation. Both are designed to be easy to use and practically maintenance-free, so you can spend your time focusing on other things besides your lawn.

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple dial makes programming a breeze.
  • Liquid crystal display guides you through programs with easy-to-read word prompts.
Rain Bird ESP-TM
ESP-TM User Guide (Jan 2009 & later)
ESP-TM User Manual (2008 & earlier)

Rain Bird® RC-Bi Series Controllers

Indoor electromechanical controller for residential use. Ideal for areas subject to either electrical storm activity or power surges, as well as applications where programming ease is essential.

Features and Benefits:

  • Independent station timing knobs make this controller the easiest to program, read, and understand.
  • Electromechanical design for best reliability and electrical surge resistance.
  • 24-hour clock (automatic starts on any hour except midnight) allows automatic irrigation cycles day or night and provides for multiple, repeat cycles.
  • Easy, at-a-glance programming provides a visual display of the watering schedule.
  • Master valve/remote pump start circuit for optimal irrigation control.
  • External, plug-in transformer (U.S./Canada) provides convenient installation.
  • Front panel-mounted fuse for easy access and quick diagnostics.
  • Quick-connect plug on front panel for ease of installation.
  • Indoor-mount cabinet for clean-looking, professional installation.
  • Latch accepts padlock for greater security.
  • Compact size saves space. Master on/off switch allows shutdown for rain, winter season, and maintenance.
  • UL Listed; CSA, CE approved.
RainBird RC-Bi Series Controller
RC-Bi Series User Guide